Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Moon is about to show us its face in full – only a thin crescent remains unlit. The Moon’s influence is in full force and effect; people’s energy is electrifying. You’d better put on a spurt and realize your plans in order to secure a more trouble-free life during the phases of the waning Moon.
People strive to actualize themselves. If you feel an urge to share your knowledge or accomplish important affairs, don’t suppress it. 
The 2nd quarter is an auspicious time for wedding, especially if the bride and groom are mature enough. Business efforts are getting more and more effective: feel free to close deals, sign contracts or expand your business. Intensive work requires much energy: eat enough to replenish it, but be careful not to overeat. Your sexual appetite may grow; if it doesn’t, it means you are exhausted and your body needs to relax. 
Flexibility and perseverance are the most important qualities for the 2nd phase. Flexibility will help you to adapt to the new reality the Full Moon is going to bring; perseverance will ensure that you stand your ground and defend the decisions you took when the Moon was still waxing.
Lunar day 15 offers you’re the last chance to change the developments of this lunar month. After that you will only be able to analyze and reap the fruit of the first half of the month. Try to iron out any conflicts.
The coming of the Full Moon can aggravate chronic diseases. The most vulnerable organs are your eyes, liver, intestines and pancreas. Avoid strain, overeating and drinking alcohol. Try to remember your dreams as they can be prophetic or offer solutions to problems.
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