Moon Phases : I Quarter

This is the time when exactly one half of the growing Moon is visible; it is associated with the life-giving element of Water.
The energy that started growing during the 1st phase is accumulating now. You can feel free to plunge into dynamic activity, work out or do any kind of sports. This is an auspicious time for treatments and cleansing procedures, as the Moon enhances the effect of various cosmetic products and medicaments.
You may feel an urge to solve problems, deal with challenges and sort out arguments; be assured that any of these activities will yield positive results. Business people should avoid loud corporate parties and places of entertainment in order to keep their financial assets safe. Hobbies and quiet leisure activities are the best pastime for the 1st Moon quarter. Try to keep calm; don’t jump into other people’s conflicts. 
Don’t plan your wedding for this period, as it may lead to a disappointment in your spouse. You can get married and live a long and happy life together, but only if both of you are sure your spiritual strength will help you survive the pressure of circumstances. Moreover, such marriages almost never end in a divorce. However, a quarrel between sweethearts or spouses that takes place in the 1st quarter serves as an indication of insincerity in their relationship.
The last days of the 1st quarter are the best time for cleansing your karma and getting ready for the critical point of the Moon cycle – the Full Moon. This can be done by meditation or making a donation. 
Dreams tend to be spiritually significant or even prophetic.
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