Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar is based on ancient knowledge of the route the nocturnal luminary takes across the sky. People followed the movements of the moon and kept track of changes in nature; eventually, they realized that the rhythm of the world around them is aligned with the change of Moon phases; the harmony of nature is influenced by the Moon’s energy flow. Many centuries later these conclusions were substantiated by scientific research.
The Moon does have an impact on earth’s nature; being part of nature, we are subject to the influence of the lunar energy as well.

The Moon’s gravitation distorts the surface of Earth and rules tides and ebbs. If the Moon were even a little closer to our planet or a little bit farther from it, life on Earth could have never appeared at all. But it did, due to the influence of complex natural and cosmic mechanisms, and it has been supported by them ever since. A human body is 80% water, which is highly susceptible to lunar influence. Well, this explains why we are so affected by the changes of the Moon phase.

The lunar calendar consists of 29 to 30 days; its beginning and ending are marked by the New Moon. Throughout this period, the Moon changes several phases that are also called quarters. Each of them is approximately one week long. Lunar and calendar months do not coincide, neither do lunar and solar days. A lunar day starts when the Moon appears in the sky, which can happen before sunset. A solar day lasts from the one sunrise to another; a lunar day starts and ends, in a similar fashion, with the Moon rising, no matter when it happens. A lunar month can be divided into days, quarters or halves (before the Full Moon and after it). The first half of the lunar month is guarded by the union of the Sun and the Moon, the other half is influenced by their opposition, which causes the oh-so-familiar psychological tension. Fluctuations of lunar energy make everybody feel ill at ease or even depressed to the extreme. People with weak health and chronic diseases find themselves in a far worse state. So, what can we do to make the Moon our ally? How can we use its energy to our benefit?
Living by the Moon calendar can help us invigorate our health when the risk of falling ill is high, control our emotional state and curb aggression caused by the growth of the lunar energy.

We offer you a full Moon Calendar with everyday recommendations. Of course, every person is unique, and our recommendations are general, but they give you a hint at what you can expect from the day. Besides, you can find out on which lunar days you were conceived and born and learn what character traits, skills and abilities, as well as diseases, are typical for you. If you follow Moon Calendar advice and keep track of your own biological rhythms, you’ll soon notice that your mood and working ability, as well as successes and failures, have their own cycle, just like the Moon itself. Nature follows the lunar cycle as well, so if you need gardening recommendations, you can turn to the Moon Calendar too!
From the cosmic perspective, a human being is a vessel that accumulates and keeps natural energy inside. But this energy can either benefit your heath and enhance your self-actualization or be harmful, depending on what use the person puts it to. We must cleanse ourselves – both physically and spiritually – to meet each month’s new moon and be able to accept its fresh energy. It is like cleaning out your closet: if you keep storing and cramming things into it, at one point the door is going to burst and all the dusty stuff will spill out onto your clean carpet. Keeping old energy and toxins in your body can produce a similarly destructive effect on your health.

If you decide to align your plans with the Moon Calendar, you will make your life bright, fulfilling and happy. This is your chance to throw light on many mysterious phenomena of nature and your own psyche.
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