Waxing Crescent Moon

The thin crescent that can be seen in the sky these nights indicates that the Moon started growing. 
Now that your energy is being replenished, feel free to engage in dynamic activities. A child conceived in this phase can achieve great sports or military success, but only if his/her physical energy is channeled in a proper direction; otherwise, he/she will grow aggressive and unruly.
The 1st phase brings enormous energy with it, which can cause devastating consequences if it is not put to a good use. Try to aim at creation, not destruction. Stay amicable and understanding. 
Your past may catch up with you and cloud your present. But you have to stay strong and complete, forget or brush off anything that is already out of date. Find pleasure in your hobbies or leisure activities; dare to realize your plans while the odds are in your favor. 
Business people will achieve great success with any new projects or important negotiations. Creative people may get a spark of inspiration. Others should think rationally in order to gather every bit of potentially useful information for the future. 
A wedding scheduled for a day in the 1st phase promises a dynamic, or even an extreme, married life. Those who prefer a calm and ordered way of life should move their wedding date into another Moon phase.
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