Where am I? Who are you?

MoonBound offers predictions based on the phases of the Moon. Find out what the Moon has in store for you! Prepare for the coming day with Moon horoscopes delivered to your inbox.

On top of daily Moon predictions, you can explore your Moon calendar and find out how each Moon phase can influence your life.

How to subscribe to MoonBound?

You can subscribe by clicking “Sign up” at the bottom of the homepage.

Why have I stopped getting emails?

If you have stopped receiving our emails, try the following steps:
  • Add our email address to your address book.
  • Check your spam/junk folder, and if you find any of our emails there, mark them as “not spam”.
  • If all of the above doesn’t help, please send us a message via the contact form.

How to never miss any horoscopes?

Make sure you click the links in all of our emails. The more active you are, the stronger our relationship is and the more guarantee there is that you will receive all bonus emails and offers.

How to enable/disable push notifications?

For Chrome browser, go to chrome://settings/content. Choose Notifications, then Manage Exceptions. Find our website url and hit either Deny (to turn off push notifications) or Allow (to turn them on).
For Firefox Browser, go to the Menu tab and choose Options. Select Content and hit the Choose button under Notifications. Find our website and choose Remove Site.
For Safari Browser, tap on Safari and then on Preferences. Select our website and click either on Allow (to turn on push notifications) or Deny (to turn them off push).
For Android devices, open Chrome browser and go to the Menu tab, select Settings. Go to Site Settings, then to Notifications. Find our website url and hit either Deny or Allow. Click on Clear & Reset. You will receive a notification from our site to verify your preference - choose either Allow or Block.
Whatever browser you use, you can also disable push notifications by clicking the corresponding button here.

How to cancel your ManyChat subscription?

Send “Unsubscribe” or “Stop” via ManyChat. Please note that if you add any other words or symbols to your message (e.g. unsubscribe me), ManyChat won’t be able to complete your request.
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