Moon Phases : III Quarter

The other half of the Moon is visible in the sky, but this time it is waning, growing older. Your body still has enough energy to put to a good use: pay your debts, finish anything you started, forgive grudges, etc. When the 3rd quarter is over, your energy will abandon you. Healthy food and physical exercise will help to sustain your strength.
Be careful with the organs of your abdominal cavity – they are extremely vulnerable these days. Work at your psychology in order to channel your energy to the repair of your bodily strength and preparation for the new Moon cycle. Clean your body and your environment; throw out unnecessary stuff from your home and your head. 
Business people should devote this period to further professional education and sharing experience with a successor. Any work will yield good results these days. Don’t be sad if you lose something – it just gives space for something new.
Take care of your health, as any ailments that start in the 3rd quarter of the lunar cycle can lead to complications or linger for a very long time. Avoid quick movement; keep warm; don’t overeat. This period has a high injury risk, so you’d better be careful when exercising and put off your favorite extreme sports activities to a later date.
Dreams can be prophetic and offer a solution to an important problem. The last days of the 3rd quarter (lunar days 24 and 25) are auspicious for intellectual activities. Travels taken on these days will be successful and extremely eventful. 
The last day of the 3rd quarter will bring everything to a closure. You’ll have to pay for the mistakes you made, sort things out with everyone around. Avoid conflicts, as they may pass on to the next lunar month, when you won’t yet be strong enough to deal with them. Analyze your achievements; think over the life lessons you learned; try to assess your spiritual growth, etc.
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