Moon day 17

Today Jul 22
Symbol - bunch of grapes
Gemstones - translucent amethyst, labradorite, hawk’s-eye, zircon.
The 17th lunar day is the day of active leisure and freedom. It can give a new perspective to everything, from communication to love. But be careful with the unstable energy of the day. You can’t be selfish or gloomy; acting on the spur of the moment is just the thing for today.
Health and nutrition. Don’t hesitate to visit or have a party, a festive dinner or another celebration; don’t deny yourself the pleasure of indulging in scrumptious food. You can drink lots of wine, especially dry red and Cahors. The main danger of the day is catching an infection, especially if day 17 falls on Saturday. The disease can turn out to be incurable or have severe complications. If a woman can’t give vent to the feminine energy the lunar day endows you with, she can have a psychological disorder. Day 17 has a high injury risk, so try to avoid fights. Don’t take any medicaments, especially drug – they won’t do you any good. You can prompt recovery by reconsidering your life priorities.
Love and relationship. Spend the day in a merry company: sing songs, play games, take part in competitions and celebrations. Day 17 is an auspicious wedding date, ensuring a durable marriage. The overall carefree atmosphere of the day can contribute to an unplanned conception. A child conceived on day 17 will be a bright and joyful personality; however, if he/she is born into a disadvantaged family, the child may grow to be a drunkard or a scoundrel.
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