Moon Phase: Full Moon

The lunar disk is completely illuminated; the Moon owns the world and rules it with its peaking energy. All bodily processes are enhanced; the subconscious mind is widely open. Be ready to reap the fruit of the labor of the first half of the month.
Sensitive people can feel the nearing of the Full Moon on the physical level: they swing from one extreme to the other. People with unstable psyche can get obsessed or feel an urge to take risky actions. No wonder the Full Moon brings about so many crimes, accidents and catastrophes.
Business people, however, will find the period of the Full Moon auspicious for closing deals, taking important decisions and hiring new employees. People are subconsciously receptive to new information; poets and other people of art get inspiration that generates powerful images and ideas.
The Full Moon is a good time for weddings, entering a new long-lasting relationship, be it love or friendship. You’d better avoid conflicts, since people are loaded with energy and it will be extremely hard to make peace afterwards. 
People can suffer from insomnia, which is natural: everybody’s brains are functioning nonstop and the Moon energy prompts their bodies to activity as well.
Every natural process runs at its best when the Moon is full. A minor infection that gets into a scratch can turn into a dangerous disease. Surgeons avoid operating on their patients, as the Full Moon can cause excessive bleeding. You can have a full medical examination, because the possibility of revealing a previously hidden ailment if very high.
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