Moon day 1

Symbol - lamp
Gemstones - diamond, clear quartz
The 1st lunar day is the day of planning and strategizing. Choose your focus: a project at work, a new workout program, literally anything! Make a thorough plan, but don’t start fulfilling it until you thoroughly visualize the desired result. Think positive, otherwise, your plans may turn against you.
Health and nutrition. Your body feels exhausted, stretched, which may also stress your mind out. Try not to make things worse by drinking alcohol or physical activity. Avoid hot and spicy foods; if possible, don’t schedule or postpone surgery (it only concerns non-urgent, non-life-threatening matters). Don’t have your hair cut either – it may not be a surgery, but having your hair cut on the day of new moon is a really bad idea.
Love and relationship. Try not to pick up any fights and patch up any quarrels. Keep promises, even old and forgotten ones, in order to raise the chances of fulfilling your plans, since keeping promises is a cleansing experience, a fresh start and a source of positive emotions. New moon makes a bad wedding date, but a good, or even auspicious, day for planning a wedding.
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