Waning Crescent Moon

The last period of the lunar cycle shows the Moon as a thin crescent shaped like the letter “C.” It establishes a connection between the old lunar month and the new one. You should get rid of old things and cut ties with people you haven’t managed to find common ground with.
Don’t get stuck in the past; focus on your future. If somebody wants to disengage from your life, let them do it. The waning crescent wants you to get any load off your shoulders and wipe your slate clean. Clear a space for all the new energy that will come rushing after the New Moon; free your mind and body by relaxation or meditation.
Finish every affair you’ve started in this lunar month. Write down every idea and plan that comes to your mind, but don’t put them to life until the new lunar cycle begins unless you want them to be a failure - due to the waning Moon, your focus is not so sharp now.
You are susceptible to mood swings - try to get a grip on yourself and manage your anger. Temptations will importune you, but you must do your best not to succumb to them in order to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation or making a mistake. Limit your social interactions; put any trips of to a better date. 
Business people should avoid closing financial deals, but they can make donations in order to secure a positive outcome. Sweethearts and married couples may lose sexual desire, which often leads to quarrels.
Philosophical meditation will help to get closer to finding the purpose of life. The dreams you see in this period are connected to feelings and emotions, love in particular. The images you see in them can tell you what your heart really wants.
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