Waning Gibbous Moon

The Moon starts waning; its energy runs lower. Due to its lack, you can get into a difficult life situation or a conflict. Do your best to stay composed – treat it as an endurance challenge.
Solve problems with dignity; avoid taking reckless steps. It’s time to reflect on the actions of the first half of the month. Everything else should be put on the back burner; only your achievements are important at the moment.
Statistical data shows that people tend to quit their jobs exactly in this period of the lunar cycle – they have achieved everything they could or wanted to and believe that they have nothing more to do or to get from the job. You should also start applying new skills you acquired in the first half of the month.  Business people should be on the alert in order not to be drawn in any shady enterprises; they’d better bring interaction with new suspicious acquaintances to naught.
The first days of the waning Moon are an auspicious time for cleaning your house, paying your debts and forgiving old grudges. Do not tell other people to jump; don’t ask how high either. Keep your inner world to yourself. Don’t worry if you feel depressed, get insomnia, see nightmares or feel scared with no reason whatsoever – these are common phenomena for the 3rd Moon phase.
Use meditation to avoid psychological disorders. The first day of the waning Moon is a disadvantageous wedding day. The next – 20th- lunar day, however, is quite auspicious, especially if you and your future spouse find spiritual values more important that material ones.
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