Moon Phase: New Moon

The New Moon falls on the first and last two days of a lunar month, when the Moon is located between the Sun and Earth. The dark side of the New Moon faces Earth, which made ancient Greeks associate this period with Hecate, the goddess of darkness and witchcraft. Hecate’s days brought the feeling of fatality and inexorable death.
The lack of Moon energy tells on every sphere of human life: people with peripheral vascular diseases suffer from the drop in blood pressure; those who are prone to depression get withdrawn and supersensitive. 
Even the strongest and the most optimistic people can feel low. Statistical data proves that pessimists and people susceptible to melancholy are usually born on the days or nights of the New Moon. 
Ailing people cannot expect to recover while the Moon is still new. Physical exercise is forbidden, as well as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Don’t take risks or premature decisions. Try to avoid conflicts at home.
Make a plan for the coming lunar month. Set positive, flexible and achievable goals. You can also plan your wedding ceremony or make a dieting plan, but don’t start or do anything important today, as it may inflict a long run of bad luck. 
Do your best to remember the dreams you see, as they can be prophetic. Control your mood swings with the help of meditation. Try to relax and manage your anger to survive Hecate’s days.
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