Moon day 20

Symbol - eagle
Gemstones - red jasper, jaspilite
The 20th lunar day is the time to move to a new level. You’d better spend it in solitude freeing yourself from debts and doubts. Don’t let pride overwhelm you; focus on overcoming obstacles and achieving aims. Practice lucid dreaming and “order” any dream you’d like to see.
Health and nutrition. Today is a good day for fasting. Overeating is strictly forbidden, as well as drinking alcohol and eating meat. Try to avoid strong smells, well any smells, to be more particular. This means you mustn’t buy or try perfumes. You can’t have your hair cut either. Day 20 also brings a high risk of injury. Your vision is vulnerable today, as well as your shoulder blade area, spine and abdomen. An ailment that starts today will not be dangerous, but it can siege for quite a while. Don’t try experimental treatment methods or change your doctor. If the atmosphere of your home is kind, your ailment will not bring along any complications.
Love and relationship. Today is a day when you can discover the real pleasure of human communication. Interaction with like-minded people will open your eye to many things. Talking to your relatives is good; however, you must do your best in order not to start sorting things out – quarrels started today may have very negative consequences. Day 20 is a disadvantageous wedding day. Conception is recommended only to couples who don’t lie or display hypocrisy; if it is not so, the destiny of the child conceived by them today can be pitiful.
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