Moon day 25

Symbol - shell
Gemstones - red jasper, jaspilite
The 25th lunar day is a day of passive rest and contemplation. Life seems a bit boring; people become apathetic. You’d better spend the day in solitude and avoid starting new projects. Don’t do physical exercise, don’t take responsibilities. Try to achieve inner harmony to improve your life.
Health and nutrition. Try not to eat rough foods; you can even fast or do some detox. Drinking alcohol is forbidden, as well as smoking. The most vulnerable organ for today is your ears; you can’t have them pierced or influenced in any other way. You’d better not have your hair cut either. An ailment that starts today is not dangerous or contagious; it does not threaten to spread to other organs. However, you must start treatment immediately. You can do it yourself if you are sure you know what you are doing. If you have doubts, see a doctor.
Love and relationship. It is not the best day for communication; collaboration yields no desired results either. Spouses and sweethearts will find their relationship strained. All this happens because people are focused on their inner selves today. Even if you try to speak to somebody, don’t expect to be heard and understood. You’d better not schedule your wedding on day 25 for the same reason. Sexual intercourse, on the contrary, can give a short pleasure and replenish your stamina for a little while. Today is an auspicious conception date. A child conceived today will possess strong intuition and wisdom.
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