Moon day 22

Symbol - elephant
Gemstones - blue agate, sapphire, blue jasper, blue nephrite 
The 22nd lunar day may be disadvantageous due to the specific flow of energy. Analyze everything, and look for signs both in real life and in your dreams. Today you can teach other people and work on self-development. Discover your abilities and adjust your plans for the future accordingly.
Health and nutrition. Today you can eat as much as you want; the most important thing is to feel satiated. Feel free to go to a dinner or have one at home. Drink a little alcohol if you want to; however, you should choose vegetable foods for today. The most vulnerable organs of your body are thigh joints, sacrum, lower spine, and upper thigh. Avoid sudden and quick movements. An ailment that manifests itself today can linger or even turn out to be chronic. You can secure a quick recovery by finding a talented doctor. Today you can have your hair cut.
Love and relationship. Communication is allowed, if not recommended. Today nobody tends to lie, pretend or manipulate others. Any conversation can yield very positive results: a good exchange of thoughts, generous help, etc. Negotiations held today will be successful, too, especially if you manage to follow your interlocutor’s logic. Day 22 is good for socializing with friends and family. However, it is also a disadvantageous wedding date. A child conceived today will be kind and wise, which will secure him/her a job in the field of science or information.
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