Moon day 9

Symbol - a bat
Gemstones - black pearl, alexandrite, smoky topaz, serpentinite
The 9th lunar is extremely disadvantageous, dangerous and dark. Any sign life sends you may turn out to be a bad omen. But don’t you lose heart; curb your ambition, keep your thoughts and intentions clean, stay calm at all costs. Don’t be afraid of uneasy dreams or nightmares – morning will banish them away.
Health and nutrition. You can’t smoke or drink alcohol. Try not to overeat. You can rule out the possibility of food poisoning by cleaning your stomach and intestines. It’s a great idea to work out in a gym, do some muscle-building exercise or go to a sauna. A disease that starts today can be dangerous, but not deadly. The majority of problems are psychological, as one feels depressed, loaded with problems and complexes. If you have suicidal thoughts, visit a psychiatrist. Exacerbation of a phobia or a heart disease may indicate that you’ve lost your way; try to single out the point at which you made a mistake. This is no day for procrastination; you’d better take a trip to the country instead of lying on the sofa.
Love and relationship. Day 9 will bring no conflicts or arguments. However, it they appeared, do your best to smooth them out. Avoid arguments; don’t sort things out with your partner. Have a romantic dinner if you are sure your relationship is based on mutual understanding. It goes without saying that day 9 is a disadvantageous wedding date, unless you are looking for a marriage full of bitterness and disappointments. People who cleaned their karma and are sure of their intentions make an exception, though.
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