Moon day 8

Symbol - phoenix
Gemstones - ed granite, chrysolite, morion quartz
The 8th lunar day gives a chance to wipe the slate clean, to let go of all sorrows of the past. Today’s dreams reveal the purpose of life. This is a dynamic day; it welcomes any change, so be ready to adapt to the circumstances and change your plans or behavior.
Health and nutrition. A disease that manifests itself today can be very dangerous; make sure you take preventive measures. Liver, stomach and peripheral nervous system are your most vulnerable organs for day 8. You are not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke or overeat. However, you can clean your stomach and intestines. Having your hair cut on day 8 will secure you a longer life.
Love and relationship. Be kind to people; try to forgive and forget; avoid conflicts. This is an auspicious day for collaboration or spending time with friends, but a bad wedding date. An active and ambitious couple, however, may disregard the latter comment, but only if they are ready for never-ending changes and new emotions.
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