Moon day 10

Symbol - a fountain
Gemstones - amber, olivine/chrysolite, sardonyx
The 10th lunar day fills you with energy, so channel it to creativity and goodness. Blood ties matter today; your karmic memory is triggered. Don’t mind today’s worries – they are short-termed. But anything you start today (including conflicts) will root deep into your life, so you’d better round off all rough corners.
Health and nutrition. You can have a lavish dinner, especially if you are organizing a family reunion. You can even drink a little alcohol. Starving or strict dieting today is unacceptable. You can have a fasting day at the most, with drinking lots of fluid. The most vulnerable body parts for today are your thoracic bones and the area beneath your ribs. If you have a pain in the said areas, start treatment immediately, as any disease that starts today can be dangerous. On the contrary, people who’ve been ill for a few days now will feel better. Don’t have your hair cut, as it may lead to diseases.
Love and relationship. Communication will be effective; collaboration will also yield great results. Forgive past hurts; let your old wounds heal. Avoid conflicts with your partner; instead, have a romantic dinner of spend the day together: in the country, with your family or on a trip. Day 10 is an auspicious wedding date. – the couple will value family traditions, teach each other to be tolerant and have many children. This day is favorable for conception, too. A child conceived on day 10 will become a traveler, have a strong connection to his/her family and be loyal to his/her family and country.
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