Moon day 7

Symbol - wind rose, rooster
Gemstones - sapphire, heliotrope, coral
The 7th lunar day endows your body with enough energy for dynamic action. Words – prayers and mantras - have a great power; anything you say can materialize. Gossips and lies may inflict diseases. Do nothing that disturbs the structure of things, stay composed. Make a long-planned purchase.
Health and nutrition. Your every action is bound to be a success. You can stay relaxed all day or do some chores at home. Your body is strong, so you can work out in a gym or do any physical exercise. Make your own menu for the day: it is equally auspicious for cleansing and feasting. Lungs are your most vulnerable organ for today, but any disease revealed on day 7 can be treated easily. Surgery is possible; having your hair cut or teeth extracted, on the contrary, is not recommended.
Love and relationship. You will find joy in socializing, as day 7 gives you an opportunity to go into the subtleties of human interaction and to make a connection with the person you’ve been too shy or scared to approach. Communication with your superiors will also be effective; all the issues that have piled up will be resolved. If you are the boss, be lavish with praise for your employees, as kind words have a great power today. However, you shouldn’t flatter, play cunning, or get into conflicts – words can hurt badly. Own your emotions; don’t rise to draws. Day 7 makes a good wedding date, but only for creative people or for those who are sure of their relationship – it promises a marriage of mutual understanding and warmth, which, however, can be fragile enough to let any argument lead to a divorce. 

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