Moon day 15

Symbol - serpent
Gemstones - agate, black jade, morion quartz
The 15th lunar day is the dark day of Hecate. Animal desires come to the foreground, instincts become acute. Your body is weak; you can’t control it well. If the Full Moon falls on day 15, the rest of the month will be full of emotions. If it falls on day 16, the next two weeks will be calm.
Health and nutrition. This is a good day for fasting, so you’d better stay away from lavish meals. But you can eat all kind of food: sweet and bitter, hot and spicy, etc. Abstain from meat and dairy products, though; if possible, replace them with vegetables and berries. Your body will benefit from barley or legumes eaten today. Alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden. You can’t go into surgery; on the whole, you’d better stay away from sharp tools. Don’t have your hair cut, but not only because of the fear of scissors – having your hair cut cause a headache. The vulnerable organs for today are the diaphragm and pancreatic gland. Any ailment that starts today is caused by your bad karma. Cleanse it in order to get well sooner.
Love and relationship. People are irritable today, so conflicts are inevitable. Bring your communications to a minimum. Spouses and sweethearts may also face misunderstanding, in which case patience will help them avoid a conflict. Get a grip on yourself. Your animal desires are strong today, but satisfaction of them is not satisfying, excuse the tautology. Sexual intercourse is only appropriate if there is no misunderstanding between the partners. When this is not the case, partners should practice abstention, unless they want to get disappointed in their partner or even depressed. Day 15 is a disadvantageous wedding date. Conception is also not recommended. A child conceived on day 15 will have a hard life: dominated by either love or hatred, he/she will grow into a great teacher or a criminal mastermind.
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