Moon day 6

Symbol - a crane; clouds
Gemstones - hyacinth, citrine
The 6th lunar day is the luckiest day of the first quarter if you stay away from dynamic or troublesome activities. Do anything that pleases you and the universe and you will get a positive outcome. The Moon does not favor law breakers in general, so the crime-solving rate will skyrocket on day 6.
On Day 6 of the moon cycle, ancient people read clouds to predict the future. White light clouds are a good sign; if the sky is clear or overcast, it means that the natural harmony has been unbalanced. Every smell and every sound is symbolic today; hearing a bell ring promises good luck. Stay calm and composed; take things as they are. You can expect a great inflow of information, so try to filter it wisely.
Health and nutrition. Treat yourself to a festive dinner; drink a glass or two of wine, but be careful with cold beverages or desserts. You mustn’t smoke either, as your bronchial tube and lung apices are very vulnerable today. Besides, smoking pollutes the air, thus unbalancing the nature. Have a massage with essential oils or a facial. You can have your hair cut, but try to avoid tooth extraction. These is a growing risk of catching a cold. If you get a sore throat or a cough, it means that you do not put your energy to good use. However, day 6 promises quick recovery from any disease that starts today.
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