Moon day 5

Symbol - a unicorn
Gemstones - turquoise, pink chalcedony, marble
The unicorn urges you to stand your ground, defend those who have been treated unfairly and give vent to your feelings. If you get into an argument with an intention to prove that you are right, be assured you will win it. It’s a good day to bring old current matters to a closure and start making a plan for the future. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings; be careful not to lose anything on day 5, as you will never see the thing you lose on day 5 again. Make your day enjoyable by taking a trip to the countryside or spending a quiet evening absorbed in your own thoughts.
Health and nutrition. Seeing uneasy dreams may be a symptom of an impending disease. In other respects, day 5 is beneficial for your health. Your body burns every calorie you eat, so let yourself indulge in anything that tickles your fancy. If you feel heartburn of nausea, it means that you’ve made a mistake and moon does not favor you today. Having your hair cut on day 5 promises a windfall.
Love and relationship. Standing your ground is good, but treating your relatives with respect is better. Control your anger in order to spend a peaceful day with your family. Don’t schedule your wedding for day 5 unless you are ready for constant change and want to spend your married life moving from one place to another.
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