Moon day 4

Symbol - tree of the knowledge of good and evil
Gemstones - sardonyx, amazonite, green nephrite
The 4th lunar day gives you a chance to choose between good and evil. It’s also a good idea to look for missing people or information, study your genealogical tree or have a family reunion. Spend time in the open, but don’t upset the nature’s delicate balance – don’t saw trees, etc.
Health and nutrition. Moderate-intensity exercise will benefit your health. Day 4 is considered to be a passive day, so cut yourself some slack. However, you shouldn’t overeat, drink alcohol or smoke. You may experience an acute exacerbation of a chronic disease, which, since it is the day of the family, can turn out to be hereditary. Take immediate measure, as hesitation may lead to unpleasant consequences. Take good care of your neck and throat, as they are especially vulnerable today. If you get a pain in the neck, it means that you are doing something that violates the rules of day 4. Reflect on the actions you’ve taken today to detect mistakes and correct them, if it is still possible. Oh, and don’t have your hair cut either.
Love and relationship. Day 4 makes a great wedding date, but deprives family life of its warm atmosphere of friendship. Treat your beloved to a romantic dinner, but try to have it at home. Spend time with your relatives, be lavish with love and care; you can even make up a long-standing quarrel with a close person. Day 4 is an auspicious day for conception. A baby conceived on the fourth day of the moon cycle will make a great family man and a grateful child, if his/her nature does not get spoilt.
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