Moon day 3

Symbol - cheetah ready to attack
Gemstones - jaspilite, ruby, pyrites, aventurine
The 3rd lunar day is full of energy; the fight for your aspirations is about to start. Be aggressive and determined. If you fail to use part of the energy, it will go sour and affect your well-being. Anything you do will tell on the upcoming 20+ days, so you’d better make sure your actions are all good.
Health and nutrition. This is an auspicious time for sports activities, martial arts in particular. If your day was relatively trouble-free, channel the energy you spared towards physical exercise, as it will benefit your health. The most vulnerable body parts are your ears and the back of your head. Try to avoid surgery, including tooth extraction, and having you hair cut. If day 3 gives you an appetite, treat yourself to a little feast; you can even drink a moderate amount of alcohol. You can’t afford falling ill on day 3 – the ailment will be lingering, difficult to recover from. Don’t overstrain yourself (but don’t procrastinate either!) If you start feeling sickish, take immediate measures.
Love and relationship. Avoid scheduling your wedding on day 3 of the moon cycle. However, it is an auspicious time for intimate relationship and sexual experiments. Remember to hold any negative emotion at bay; help your close ones with anger management as well. Beware of any arguments, conflicts or misunderstandings, as they may turn into a domestic catastrophe.
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