Moon day 11

Symbol - sword
Gemstones - fire opal, hematite, carnelian
The 11th lunar day is the day of most powerful and uncontrollable energy. Leadership skills can help achieve much: a successful election campaign, a great result at a work, etc. But if you lack confidence the day can turn out to be a disaster. Avoid sharp tools, and be careful with your pets.
Health and nutrition. You can start fasting today. The most vulnerable body part is the spine. An ailment that starts today will be mild for men and really dangerous for women. If you fall ill, try not to take medication, antibiotics in particular. An exacerbation of heart diseases is also possible. Moderate physical exercise – like swimming, working out in a gym or other sports – will help you achieve the desired balance of relaxation and load. Boost your immune system; on the whole, be careful with your health – there is a major risk of injury.
Love and relationship. Lavish your close ones with love and care. Surprise them with unexpected presents – your generosity will be rewarded. The day is relatively calm; no conflicts can be expected. Day 11 is a good wedding date for partners who are sure of their own and each other’s feelings; the wedding ceremony and party should not be lush, though – lots of alcohol will take its toll on the party, making people quarrel, fight and even injure one another. The day is auspicious for physical intimacy and conception. A child conceived today will most likely be a boy, very strong and powerful. He can become a fighter, a magician, or a vagabond.
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