Moon day 30

Symbol - golden swan
Gemstones - white coral, clear quartz, tourmaline.
The 30th lunar day, when occurs, is very short. It brings a balance of good and evil. Make sure you complete everything you started, but don’t start anything new. Be sympathetic, gracious, and sensitive to other people’s problems. Stay away from annoying and unpleasant people.
3. Health and nutrition. Abstain from meat, alcohol and cigarettes; avoid lavish meals; eat only highly digestible foods. Don’t have your hair cut as it put you in danger. Your brain is vulnerable today: try not to strain it, to sieve information, to avoid strong smells and high-frequency sounds. Ailments one can get today are not dangerous and easy to recover from, but for the most part they are caused by spiritual issues. Deal with them if you want to hasten recovery, but avoid taking medicaments.
4. Love and relationship. Control emotions and be sincere – this is your motto for today. Spend the day with your family; stay away from acquaintances as interaction with them can be harmful for you. Iron out any wrinkle on the smooth surface of your marriage. Intimacy is possible, but don’t overindulge yourself. Day 30 is a disadvantageous wedding date, but a very auspicious day for conception. A child conceived today will grow into a balanced personality and live a peaceful, trouble-free life. His’/her parent should only teach him/he to be gracious and to love him/herself and everything around.
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