Moon day 26

Symbol - a toad
Gemstones - orpiment, yellow nephrite, jadeite, chrysoprase
The 26th lunar day is a negative, dangerous day. Stress and anger make people do stupid or reckless things. Try to resist the temptations in order to avoid feeling ashamed later. Ignore biting jokes, stay away from conflicts. Listen to your friends – they may point at your drawbacks today.
2. The toad is associated with blasphemy, smugness and contempt to others. If you feel like seeing the world revolve around you today, it means you are going in a wrong direction. Tighten your self-control to fight off the toady haughtiness and see the good in other people. Day 26 is very emotionally unstable: people swing from unbridled joy to deep gloom. They say things on an impulse and soon forget about them. Promise, threats, vows or declarations uttered today are not worth a snap. Try to control your mood swing. Don’t do shopping, as today’s impulsiveness can make you waste money on useless things. Seeing flashes of lightning in your dreams is an indication of your pride and selfishness that you’d better harness.
3. Health and nutrition. Don’t overeat or, if possible, abstain from eating anything at all. Stay away from meats and juicy fruit and vegetables. Don’t visit lavish dinner parties, drink alcohol or smoke. Your teeth are vulnerable today – you can’t have any of them pulled out. Don’t have your hair cut; having your hair dyed or curled, on the contrary, will bring unexpected joy or good news. A disease that manifests itself today must be treated immediately, as it can grow dangerous or even lethal. The best option is combination therapy that will help to heal your whole body. You can’t be operated on. Sweating, massage and acupuncture can help to target energy channels and points.
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