Moon day 29

Symbol - an octopus
Gemstones - black pearl, mother of pearl, obsidian, cacholong, white opal, labradorite, picture jasper.
On the 29th lunar day people feel anxious with no reason, which is caused by a lack of energy. Beware of anything dark; be careful in everything you do today, as the day is associated with injuries and accidents. Don’t follow anybody’s advice; draw conclusions and be prepared for the new cycle.
3. Health and nutrition. Practice fasting, obedience and abstention. Eat more baked goods and dairy products. It’s a good idea to bake bread or a pie or cook pancakes and share the food with your family. You can’t eat meat, drink alcohol or smoke today. The most vulnerable area of your body for today is the rectum area; avoid using enema and having buttock injections. Today all ailments are caused by your own stress or other people’s envy. Find a doctor you trust to get proper treatment and follow every instruction he/she gives you thoroughly.
4. Love and relationship. Limit social interaction; spend the day in solitude and draw a bottom line to the achievements of the month. People tend to be deceptive and talkative today; spouses may get reticent; the possibility of cheating or betrayal cannot be ruled out altogether. Abstain from sex, as it can produce only a negative impact on your body today. Don’t even try to conceive a child; still, if you do, pray for him/her to have a better destiny.
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