Moon day 19

Symbol - spider
Gemstones - labradorite, agate, morion quartz, hematite, chrysolite, uvarovite, green garnet
The 19th lunar day is considered unlucky due to its negative energy. People produce a negative impact on one another today. Spare your strength to spend the day without getting into trouble. Be careful with everything you say. Do whatever you like best in order to fight off melancholy.
Health and nutrition. Keep away from insects and animals, poisonous in particular, in order not to get bitten. Natural poisons and chemicals are especially dangerous today. The day is disadvantageous for people with psychological disorders; it may also bring about an exacerbation of intestinal ailments. People get gloomy and anxious; they may even fall into a depression. If you want to ward off the gloom, have a dinner party for your close friends, your sweetheart or yourself only. You can even drink a little alcohol. However, stay on the alert for any ailments that manifests itself today – you must start treatment immediately, otherwise it will turn in to a siege of illness.
Love and relationship. Bring interaction with people to a minimum – you can’t afford to get under somebody’s negative influence. Don’t rise to provocations; try not to provoke people either. Don’t sort things out today, as it will only get you more confused. The way people treat you today is just a reflection of the way you treat them. This is why you must mind your words, be attentive to your relatives and loved ones. Help them live through the day without conflicts. Today is not an auspicious wedding date; conception is not a good idea either: a child conceived today will grow into a justice fighter; he/she will be very industrious and honest, but, unfortunately, very withdrawn and lonely.
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