Moon day 28

Symbol - a lotus
Gemstones - aragonite, chrysoprase, moonstone, amethyst, plasma, milk opal, jadeite, aquamarine.
The 28th lunar day is harmonious and positive. Don’t be angry and treat everyone and everything with respect. Try to keep your spirits high today, as gloom can inflict trouble or ailments upon you. Work on your karma; practice meditation and focus your consciousness to look into your inner world.
3. Health and nutrition. Day 28 is good for fasting or juice cleansing. Avoid overeating; abstain from meat and seeds. Your eyes are especially vulnerable today – don’t spend too much time in front of screens, avoid bright light. Surprisingly enough, if you suffer from insomnia, watching dim light for a few minutes will solve the problem. Do cleansing procedures for your body and skin. Ailments that appear today are usually connected to your karma; recovery will be impossible until you realize your errors and try to redeem them. Don’t strain your mind today, as it may lead to hypertension or a headache. If it happens, you must have broken some lunar rules and the Moon denies you the energy.
4. Love and relationship. Social interaction will be pleasant and useful today. However, be careful not to betray others’ trust; don’t try to impose yourself on people as well. Your friends and relatives may offer you some kind and actionable advice today. If you were helpful, supportive and attentive to people throughout the month, your kindness will be rewarded today, both in the financial or spiritual way. Everyone will get what they deserve. Day 28 is a disadvantageous wedding date, but an auspicious day for conception. A child conceived today will grow into a kind and wise person. Everything will come easy to him/her; his/her life will be lucky and calm. Such people can have the whole world at their feet, but only if they don’t let procrastination win a victory over them and waste all their skills and good intentions. Their parents must be careful not to pamper them and teach them responsibility and diligence instead.
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