Moon day 27

Symbol - a ship, a lighthouse, an island, an anchor
Gemstones - translucent lilac amethyst, emerald, selenite, adular, pink and raspberry quartz.
The 27th lunar day is a good day for understanding the laws of the world, and seeing it in its true colors. Day 27 is inseparably associated with Water. However, it can have a negative impact on human body too. Turn to nature and try to interact with your close people more.
3. Health and nutrition. A lush dinner is not forbidden, but you should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. The most vulnerable body part for today is your ankles. The ailments that appear today usually affect lymphatic glands and blood; luckily, recovery will be quick and easy. However, you can’t take an X-ray, take chemically produced medicaments (exceptions can be made in emergency cases only) or take any part in medical donation. A warm bath or a contrast shower will give your day a perfect start. You can have your hair cut, dyed and styled today.
4. Love and relationship. Spend time with your family and close friends. Talking to your parents and other members of older generations will endow you with a bit of secret knowledge. Don’t hesitate to take advice from friends and family – today everything they say is sincere. Don’t waste time on quarrels or looking for implications in your interlocutor’s words. If you don’t like where the conversation is progressing, change the subject or stop talking altogether, but try to avoid conflict at all costs. You can get married on lunar day 27 only if you are not afraid of having a lot of sentimental or even dreary episodes in your life. The day is not suitable for conception, as the child conceived today will be frail and troubled.
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