Moon day 24

Symbol - bear
Gemstones - black jasper, blue obsidian, malachite, blue nephrite
On the 24th lunar day your mind gets full control over your body. Masculine energy awakens and transforms, which makes the day good for flirting. Today your spirits will revive – use this power for creative purposes. However, if you feel exhausted, stay at home and replenish your strengths.
Health and nutrition. You can have hearty meals tonight, because every calorie you eat will transform into the energy you burn so quickly today. Don’t drink much fluid. You can’t drink alcohol or smoke. Devote the day to health improvement: start aerobics or yoga. Don’t have your hair cut, as it may inflict diseases. An ailment that starts today is usually not very dangerous and causes no complications. You can treat it with herbal infusions and physical exercise. Medicaments can help too, but you can’t overuse them. Your reproductive system is vulnerable today, so if you have a reproductive condition, it means that you are putting your energy to a wrong purpose.
Love and relationship. Overall kindheartedness rules the day. Some people may not want to communicate, but you are sure not to meet rudeness. If you want to have a pleasant interaction, be kind and smile a lot. Bitter, sarcastic jokes can repulse your interlocutors or set them against you.
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