Moon day 23

Symbol - crocodile
Gemstones - topaz, black nephrite, yellow agate, sard
The 23rd lunar day marks the start of the last dark phase of a lunar month. Everything falls from your hands. Ancient people thought it was the time of vampires and ghouls. If you feel somebody is trying to tease you, don’t rise to provocations. Forgive people’s faults and let them forgive yours.
Health and nutrition. It’s a good day for fasting and abstention. Don’t eat meat; put more dairy products on your menu. If you have a desire to stuff yourself with food, try to fight it off – you can’t afford to burden your stomach today. Your immune system is not strong enough today, so you have to pay special attention to your health. Don’t trim your nails or have your hair cut. Avoid going into surgery. The most vulnerable organ of your body is the spine, so you should take time to invigorate it. Don’t lift anything heavy. An ailment that starts today can be dangerous and unpredictable; if you notice a symptom, seek immediate medical advice or help.
Love and relationship. Today any small talk or exchange of thoughts can turn into a big argument. People are overwhelmed with pride, jealousy, and grudge; they are looking for undertones, so you’d better speak straight out if you want to be understood correctly. It would be best if you could spend the day in solitude. If interaction is inevitable, try to be patient and not to lose it. Today is one of the worst wedding dates. Try to avoid sexual intercourse, too, because it can be really exhausting. Conception is undesirable, as a child conceived today can have a congenital condition.
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