Moon day 21

Symbol - a drove of horses
Gemstones - pyrite, zircon, aventurine, obsidian.
The 21st lunar day will be the day of justice and courage. Forget all your doubts; try not to be selfish, and don’t let others lie to you. Be ready to welcome changes and stay active. Solve any problems that come your way. Moon endows you with energy, anything you lost will be found today.
Health and nutrition. You can have a feast today; it will not only bring you together with friends and relatives, but also charge you with positive energy and optimism. You can drink a moderate amount of alcohol, but be careful – your liver is vulnerable today. Eat foods that are good for your blood: pomegranates, carrots, cranberries, and beets. Drink herbal infusions. If you want to spend the day without causing any harm to your health, start it with exercising, a contrast shower or a cold training. Take a relaxing bubble bath in the evening. Any cleansing procedure is effective, so you’d better schedule a visit to a spa or a facial for today. You can have your hair cut. Any disease that starts today can turn out to be dangerous and unpredictable – it can go away as fast as it developed or it can linger. A sick person must be taken good care of; he/she can’t stop your treatment until he/she fully recovers. The disease may be caused by bad habits; if one wants to recover faster, one has to abandon them.
Love and relationship. Don’t stay alone; gather a big company of friends to have fun together. If you don’t want to be in a crowd, visit old friends or relatives living far away. You’ll find pleasure in reminiscing about the past times. Day 21 is an auspicious engagement, wedding or conception date. A child conceived today will become a poet or a justice fighter; his/her life will be cloudless.
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