Moon day 16

Symbol - pigeon, butterfly
Gemstones - spinel, tourmaline, charoite, emerald, pearl
The 16th lunar day is the most harmonious of all lunar days. You can allow yourself to rest. This day is good for cleaning, both physical and spiritual. Don’t do any serious work; put it off to a more productive day. If the day is peaceful enough, it will usher in two more peaceful weeks.
Health and nutrition. Don’t overeat. Abstain from alcohol, meat and mushrooms. Moderate- intensity exercise is good for your health; however, you’d better reschedule surgery in order not to have today. Clean your body; load it with vitamins and nutrients, iron in particular, which can be found in good supply in pomegranates and pomegranate juice. Today your blood is renovated; any blood-related ailment that manifests itself today can indicate that a person puts moon energy to a wrong use. Day 16 is connected to spleen, which is considered to accumulate ethereal energy. If you feel depressed, confused or desperate, pay more attention to what you say and do. Think positively; believe in yourself and your future. Having your hair cut will bring along mistakes, cheating and craving for alcohol.
Love and relationship. Day 16 is auspicious for communication; you will fell the harmony of family relationship and friendships. However, you are not allowed to quarrel. Today is one of the best wedding dates, promising a peaceful married life. A child conceived today will be kind, soft and honest.
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