Moon day 14

Symbol - trumpet
Gemstones - hyacinth, sapphire
The 14th lunar day is charged with both positive and negative energy. It is auspicious for new affairs and final steps. The negative energy will take its toll on your health; it can cast a gloom over you, exacerbate your phobias and manias. Physical load will help shake the gloom off.
Health and nutrition. Cleanse your body and mind. The most vulnerable organ is your intestines. Today “dry” fasting is good, as fluids give only negative energy on day 14. Try to drink less; don’t eat anything sweet or bitter; salty foods are your menu of choice for the day. Nuts are allowed. Don’t overeat; keep away from cigarettes and alcohol. Be careful with your eyesight. An ailment that starts today brings along a few more. In order to break the chain, you have to have a full course of treatment. It’s strictly forbidden to stop your treatment after the first signs of improvement. Keep promises; pay debts; forgive offenders and don’t hurt other people. Love and relationship. The day is auspicious for all sorts of communication. Spend time with your relatives; socialize with co-workers and partners. Today everybody’s thinking is rational; you can use this to gather all the information you need. Lunar day 14 is disadvantageous for weddings, as well as divorces. A couple married today may break their warm relationship with relatives. Seductions rule the day; you can desire a person you don’t even know well enough. Sexual intimacy must be moderate. Day 14 favors conception; a child conceived today will be guarded by the spirits of his/her predecessors.
Work. Jump on every opportunity the day offers; be active and industrious; share ideas, offer them at public meetings. You can even discuss some issues with your superiors. You co-workers also intend to work hard today, so your collaboration can work out really well. You can start new projects. If you are attempting to climb the career ladder, be careful: today superiors have a look at their employees to reward the most diligent and creative ones with a salary boost or a raise. It’s your lucky day; you can do literally anything: solve any financial issues, look for new partners, make real estate transactions, change your job or the whole professional field, and go on a business trip or vacation. On the whole, this is an auspicious day for travelling. The police and private investigators will find the day extremely successful. Scientists will come to the verge of discovery. Day 14 is especially favorable for musicians. A person born today will be looking for his/her calling for the whole life; he/she feels there is a mission he/she has to carry out. These people are charismatic and often successful; they can influence minds and lead crowds. They can be followers, too, but one should expect loyalty, as they are smart and cunning. They are adventurous, clean and squeamish.
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