Moon day 13

Symbol - wheel
Gemstones - noble opal
The 13th lunar day is a complex day. On one hand, everything goes as it should. On the other hand, day 13 is auspicious for dynamic communication. You’re your karma by taking notice of today’s events; if today is the reflection of yesterday, your karma is clean; if not, it needs cleansing.
Health and nutrition. Feel free to have – or visit - a festive dinner and even drink alcohol. Sometimes it’s good to make your stomach work. Every medication and cosmetic product is especially effective today, bringing no side effects. Visit a sauna or a beauty salon; have your hair cut, as it will not only have a positive impact on your health, but rejuvenate you and make you look more attractive as well. Try not to fall ill, though; diseases that start on lunar day 13 are long-lasting and dangerous. But if it happened, start taking treatment at once; extreme effectiveness of medication will ensure a quick recovery.
Love and relationship. If your relationship is a series of quarrels, day 13 will seem unpleasant to you. But if your relationship is balanced and serene, the day will bring no trouble. However, you’d better reschedule your engagement or wedding to another date. Day 13 is auspicious for intimacy, but conception is undesirable, as infant death rate among children conceived on day 13 is relatively high. And if the child is lucky to survive, his/her life will be chancey and full of suffering.
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