Moon day 12

Symbol - heart, Holy Grail
Gemstones - lapis-lazuli, yellow coral, mother pearl, pink pearl 
The 12th lunar day is the day of wisdom and love. Your heart is open to grace and divine afflation. Suppress every vice; avoid dumping your negative emotions on other people. Resort to meditation and be kind to people around you. Today is the day when you can finally find your place in the world.
Health and nutrition. Water possesses an extreme power today; everything connected to water will be good for your health. Drink lots of fluid, juices in particular. However, you shouldn’t include apple juice in your menu: being the fruit of seduction, apple is incompatible with the spiritual energy of the twelfth lunar day. Don’t overeat, drink alcohol or smoke. The most vulnerable organs are the heart, upper air passages and lungs. Don’t strain your heart. Medication and cosmetics are at their best today; enhance their effect with positive thinking.
Love and relationship. Don’t quarrel with anyone, especially your relatives. It will be very hard – if not impossible - to make peace afterwards. If you can’t control your emotions, spend the day in solitude. You and your romantic partner may have some unspoken words for each other, but you’d better keep them to yourselves, at least for the time being. Day 12 is surprisingly auspicious for weddings. Today’s marriages are all made in heaven; your family will be strong and time-proof. However, a quarrel between the bride and the groom is a bad sign – it indicates that their relationship is not so idyllic and they’d better cancel the wedding. Day 12 is not quite suitable for conception; a child conceived today will suffer a lot. He/she may become a healer, but to master this gift in full he/she will have to cleanse through multiple sorrows.
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