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Your Astro Digest for September
See all the horoscopes you've missed in August and get your early access to those we'll send in September!
Your September Horoscope
September is a breaking point for many people; a month when we say goodbye to summer and begin to get ready for colder times. We start looking for love and attention from our closest people. In our turn, we’re also happy to express our deep feelings giving gifts and paying compliments to those we love. How will September influence your zodiac sign? Read your September horoscope below!
Mercury Retrograde And Your Sign: What You Should Know
Mercury Retrograde can help or hinder the signs. It can allow for growth and purpose or chaos and disaster. Every sign has a choice to which. This article dives into each sign and what is best to focus on and what to avoid during these hectic times of the year.
Which tattoo suits your zodiac sign?
Is there a connection between tattoos and zodiac signs? There are some hints on which tattoo each sign can get.
How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sign?
The third Mercury retrograde of the year will last from September 9 up to October 1. So, how does Mercury retrograde affect us? Does Mercury in retrograde affect everyone? Who will experience positive changes thanks to Mercury retrograde this fall? Time to find out – scroll to your sign to learn!
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