The most interesting and up-to-date facts from all over the sky
Tarot Reading for October
What do the cards have in store for the month of October? Our trusted Tarot reader discusses how to navigate the upcoming energies.
Karmic Love Lessons
In astrology, love and karma are two things that are tightly intertwined, which is a reasonable explanation of why we all have different perceptions of an ideal relationship. An unlearned karmic love lesson can lead to challenges in love and family life. So, what is karmic love? How to deal with karmic love relationships? Read on to find out.
Best and worst qualities of your zodiac sign
The best qualities of each Zodiac sign yet, the worst qualities of each Zodiac sign... Each sign has something to be proud of - and something they hate about themselves. Check out the best and the worst qualities of your sign below!
How September Equinox Affects Your Sign
On September 23 (sometimes on September 22 or 24) the sun shines directly on the equator making day and night equal in length. In the Northern Hemisphere, this date marks the beginning of fall while in the Southern Hemisphere it is the first day of spring. What can your sign expect this fall equinox? See below!
Zodiac Mediums
Congratulations! Your sign is a powerful medium. In each of us, the ability of mediumship manifests itself in different ways. The term medium means being in the middle between the material world and the spiritual world. It can be used to help others around you and yourself, but how exactly does it work? Which Zodiac sign is the best medium? Read on to find out!
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