Moon day 18

Symbol - mirror
Gemstones - white agate, opal, lilac amethyst, spinel
The 18th lunar day is the day when you will see the reflection of yourself in the things that happen to you. Think soberly; don’t let selfishness overwhelm you. You may feel that someone is trying to lead you astray – avoid it by brushing the dark thoughts off.
Health and nutrition. Sleep and talk less; clean your intestines and skin. On the whole, any rejuvenating procedure will work wonders today. Abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking; eat moderately. Your most vulnerable organ for today is kidneys. Day 18 is auspicious for fasting: replace the meat on your menu with nuts and oils. Your behavior may be the reason of your ailment, which can siege your body and disguise itself in order to deceive your doctors. If you want to avoid falling ill altogether, don’t mock or moralize other people. If this has already happened, clean your karma, fast and work on your self-esteem.
Love and relationship. Day 18 can bring about quarrels both at home and at work, the first half of the day being especially rich in unpleasant surprises. Conflicts pop up like mushrooms after a rain; selfishness and misunderstanding rule the day. Stay composed; try not to rise to provocations, but be ready to protect the justice. Day 18 is neither an auspicious wedding date, nor a suitable time for conception. A child conceived today may grow rich, but will overestimate his/her abilities and suffer from overconfidence. Moreover, his/her health will be quite feeble.
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