Unconventional Astrology: Moon Signs

You know a lot about astrological Sun signs and the qualities they give to people. But Moon signs are more subtle, elusive even. Signifying tendencies and potentials hidden inside people’s nature, the Moon signs are associated with the unconscious, the intuitive, and the primal.
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What do moon signs mean for each zodiac sign?

Moon in Aries:

Moon signs for Aries

You have a number of talents, but this is not enough – people have to recognize them, which, however, does not quite comport with your inborn modesty. But don’t you fret: there is no need in pointing people at something that shines as bright as your achievements! Everyone around admires your perseverance and resourcefulness. You are stubborn, as Rams usually are, but in a good sense that only drives you to achieve every goal you set in front of yourself. Your sense of humor is your secret superpower that helps you charm people, even those who are not used to being around human sources of electrifying energy.Don’t be afraid to scare people off – you will surely find those compatible with your expressive, cheerful, motivated personality.

Moon in Taurus:

You must know exactly what place you occupy in the structure of the world, what function you are performing at the moment. Transparency and honesty make you feel at ease; hidden intentions or plots of all sorts are a distress. Your taste in fashion, design, art, or anything else associated with beauty and style is refine. Dull environments, places where the energy is not channeled in a proper way tend to depress you. At times, you may seem to have all the answers, but this only happens because you really have them! Your inborn wisdom helps you make all the right choices; too bad you are not persistent enough to bring every successful start to a fruitful ending. But you should always trust your gut, no matter what – it will secure you great achievements!

Moon in Gemini:

With your sharp mind and perfect logic, you get a clear picture of everything that is going on around. Unfortunately, this superpower of yours at times gets you exhausted, because you can’t stop thinking and thinking things over, which ushers in anxiety, doubt, self-judgment, in other words, all sorts of worries. This is why you just have to find an additional outlet for your inner thinker, to give vent to your creativity instead. Choose music if you want to get both of your brain hemispheres busy at the same time. Communication skills are one of your strongest sides, your confidence never wavers; besides, you always know what idea people want to bring home to you, even if you are not listening properly.This is why people turn to you for advice, but if they ask for your opinion and never use it, you won’t move a muscle to explain why it is good or right; you’ll just retreat and leave the ungrateful to their own devices.

Moon in Cancer:

Moon signs for Cancer

You sincerely enjoy helping others, be it advice, actual help, moral support or even nursing. You are especially happy when you see the results of the effort you put in. But your motivation does not lie in getting recognition for your support; it is the positive changes that you bring in that give you the greatest joy. You tend to hide your emotions under your thick crab shell, which seems to be at odds with your inborn mentoring talent. It seems unfair to the world to conceal your sharp intuition –thoughts that you blurt out without even thinking tend to be accurate. You should probably consider learning to speak your mind more openly if you want to enjoy being of help to the fullest.

Moon in Leo:

Your energy is bubbling inside and bursting outside. You shine as bright as it is possible and even brighter, and if someone decides they deserve to steal your thunder or deny you the respect or authority, they will soon regret it. Your intelligence and charm make a combination that works infallibly. Razor-sharp wit and exceptional logical skills help you assess every life situation quite precisely, but leave out minor details that slip through the cracks and later turn out to be crucial and catch you unawares. But you like to take risks and, as you know, fortune favors the brave, so you can proudly call yourself the dame’s lucky child and keep an optimistic outlook on life.

Moon in Virgo:

Your intuition is the best ultrasonic scanner of life. However, the picture of the world it helps you get is so loaded with details that it makes you exhausted at times, anxious even. You try to absorb as much information as you can, which is a challenge because it is in your nature to sort out situations and to put every mess straight. But this requires a lot of attention, concentration and effort, which is why you are often irritated for no obvious reason. You should learn to count to five before you plunge into a problem head first. Oh, and try not to criticize yourself too much – almost everyone loves you for what you really are! You already satisfy the highest of standards, so why don’t you lower the bar a little? Your average is everybody else’s perfect as it is!

Moon in Libra:

Moon signs for Libra

Your love of minimalism shapes the notion of happiness and beauty for you – it’s best when everything is simple, pure and clear, be it your home, work, feelings or relationship. However, there is enough on your plate, no matter how simple your life seems to others. You are on a never-ending pursuit of a complimentary energy that will balance out yours. You enjoy being challenged because it means you have to find a solution and untangle the mess. This means you are most often drawn to people with noticeable drawbacks, eager to help them sort things out. Your style is refined, simple, yet classy; everything that canbe called tasteful art sets your creativity ablaze.

Moon in Scorpio:

Your emotions are attuned to the waning moon, which means that solitude and privacy are positive factors in your life, as they let you process thing in a better and more thorough way and listen to your intuition closely. Your gift is the ability to gain insight into any person’s feelings and thoughts – an inborn talent that leaves no one – even yourself – unimpressed.

With all this data coming in, you just need a little time to yourself to manage and analyze the information load. However, you should learn to harness your intensity and stay at peace with yourself, as your natural cycles and decreasing efficiency related to them drive you mad. You try to fence off any outer influences to feel guarded. Luckily, your idealistic mindset balances out your intensity.

Moon in Sagittarius:

You are an adventurer, always ready to discover, adapt, move and change. You need excitement in your life to enjoy it to the fullest; dullness of things is your worst confinement. However, this never-ending pursuit of things new and shiny at times brings you trouble; remember that sometimes it is better just to sit down and not to rock the boat, otherwise you may usher drama into your life. You are exceptionally fair, loving and brainy; moreover, you see the philosophy of things and are enthusiastic about everything new. These qualities make you a wonderful teacher, mentor and tutor, eagerly followed by many.

Moon in Capricorn:

Moon signs for Capricorn

People see you as an emotionless machine. But this calm of yours is a product of exceptional self-control and discipline. You are diligent and effective worker, thorough thinker, pragmatic planner and goal-driven doer. However, your actions are so subtle and thought-over that people take them as easy and think that you do not apply yourself to achieve your goals. They have no idea how much forward thinking this apparent ease requires, how sophisticated your strategies are. The bouquet of your characteristic features (patience, determination, perseverance, strong will and eagerness) is the key you use to open every door to success. And those who understand that turn to you for advice. You manage to stay composed under the most pressing circumstances – this is what makes you an exceptional leader, a guide respected by peers for courage and ability to make actions measure up to words.

Moon in Aquarius:

You are all ears, literally. You hear everything that is said around you and assume quite accurately everything that remains unsaid. You could make a fortune playing poker – this is how good you are at reading people. Your sensitivity is a gift from the moon itself, and your inborn Aquarian traits help you give a correct interpretation to everything you perceive. In fact, most of your guesses are driven by your intellect and experience, but people often miss that part, this is why you may appear a tad eccentric to them. But this doesn’t bother you the least bit, as you enjoy being different.

Another important quality of yours is your humanitarian nature – it doesn’t let you use your gift of perception to serve dark purposes. Your goal is to change the world to the best and to help anyone who needs it.

Moon in Pisces:

Your reservedness, which at times borders on withdrawal, is associated with the dark side of the moon. You appear to be shy, but in fact, you are overly sensitive, psychic even, and the accuracy of the predictions you make scares you too. You are a great advisor, shrewd and creative, a fair judge of various life situations. People turn to you for help, but what you really want is to be left to your own devices and to give vent to your creativity in a way uninhibited by people and circumstance. If someone tries to make you fit a generally accepted framework or criticizes your decisions and actions, you go berserk. But this reaction of yours is highly understandable; one might say even that you exist in a parallel reality – this is how unique and valuable your worldview is.

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