Moon Compatibility

When it comes to love and romantic relationship, your Moon sign is as important as your Sun sign - the Moon that influences your emotional sphere affects the chemistry in your relationship. Find out more about Moon Sign compatibility and build a strong and lasting relationship!
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Find your perfect Moon Sign soulmate!

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

Moon Aries representatives have a competitive spirit, chasing every opportunity life presents them with. Moon Arians never slow down on their way to achieving their goal. Since they are emotionally self-sufficient, they need an energetic partner who will match their train of thoughts rather than a partner who will act like a parent toward active Moon Aries folks!
Therefore, Moon Arians are likely to build a strong relationship with fellow Arians unless they start developing a negative feeling of rivalry towards one another. Since Aries shares with Leo its ruling element – Fire – the two signs can also make a good match. In contrast, fiery Moon Arians don’t basically get along well with sensitive Moon Cancer and Scorpio reps.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus folks so well known for their stubbornness and pertinacity will never let their partners order them about. However, there is something no Taurus person is able to resist – ruled by Venus, Taurus people are comfort- and luxury-loving. If you want to melt their heart, treat them to some decadent dessert or make a bubble bath!
Moon Virgo and Capricorn representatives seem to know the shortest way to the heart of a pragmatic Taurean and can turn on the romantic mode in them. Once Moon Taureans fall in love, they will remain loyal to their partner till the end which is very important for highly-organized Virgo folks and meticulous Capricornians. On the other hand, a relationship with a Moon Libra individual won’t last long for sure.

Moon in Gemini

Mercury that rules Moon Gemini representatives make them very easy-going and communicative which is good; but there are negative consequences of the Mercury influence, too. Moon Twins fall in and out of love too fast; they are usually torn between two – or more – love interests. However, once they find their true love, they will stay loyal to their partner.
Moon Geminians hate when someone tries to limit their freedom or set boundaries. Therefore, their perfect partner is a person born under an Air sign – Moon Aquarius or Libra representatives will hit it off with easy-going Moon Twins quick and easy while more pragmatic and down-to-earth Moon Capricorn and Scorpio people will hardly match their train of thoughts.

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer

Moon Cancer representatives are very sensitive and loving people. They can’t stand being single. In a relationship, the most important thing for them is to have the full backing of their partner. They feel miserable if their partner attempts to change them or constantly tells them about their drawbacks.
A loving Moon Cancer individual can hardly find a better match than a fellow Moon Cancerian. However, dreamy Moon Piscarians and sensitive Moon Scorpions also get along well with Moon Crabs. Active Lions born to shine and attract are far from being a good match for peaceful Moon Cancer people.

Moon in Leo

Moon Lions ruled by the Sun were born to be loved and admired. What can make them really happy is being the center of attention. Self-confident and physically attractive Moon Lions will never settle for someone average looking when it comes to choosing a life partner. Their partner should be intelligent, beautiful, and successful – to put in a nutshell, be perfect!
People born under Fire signs – Aries or Sagittarius – will make a great match for Moon Lions. Active Arians and enthusiastic Sagittarians are able to keep perfect pace with energetic Lions bursting with ideas on how to improve their life. A relationship with stubborn Bulls or protective Scorpions usually doesn’t last long.

Moon in Virgo

Moon Virgo reps ruled by Mercury tend to be critiquing; they consider every conversation and situation carefully, so it becomes very hard to catch Moon Virgo people off guard. The only thing that can drive them mad is leaving loose ends – if you can’t put up with your Moon Virgo partner’s behavior constantly taking offence on certain things – silent treatment never helps, while talking your problems through does!
Moon Virgo people are likely to build a strong lasting relationship with fellow Moon Virgo folks or practical and peaceful Capricornians. Relationships with enthusiastic and active Sagittarians and Aquarians are generally very passionate but, unfortunately, they don’t last long.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

When it comes to relationships, Moon Scales value loyalty and stability most of all. Diplomatic by nature, Moon Libra people usually build strong, harmonious and balanced relationships. Since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, when picking a partner, they pay attention to physical appearance in the first place.
Moon Aquarians and Geminians get along well with Moon Scales while fiery Arians are not compatible with diplomatic and calm Libra people. Libra-Aquarius as well as Libra-Gemini couples share lots of interests and similar qualities, since both of them enjoy being the center of attention, making new friends, and socializing.

Moon in Scorpio

Passionate Moon Scorpions can be too imperious and domineering at times. Therefore, their perfect partner should be strong-willed and self-confident to tame mysterious Scorpio representatives. In a relationship, Moon Scorpions value trustworthiness most of all, so cheating is an unforgivable sin for them.
Sometimes Scorpions find it hard to control their emotions – intimate and peaceful Moon Taureans are always there to calm down hotblooded Scorpions caught up in the whirlwind of their own passions. Intelligent Moon Virgo people also make a good match for Scorpions while independent Moon Aquarians will drive Scorpions mad.

Moon in Sagittarius

Fun-loving Moon Sagittarians are constantly seeking new experiences. To put excitement to their life, they often do crazy things. Moon Sagittarians are enthusiastic, proactive and optimistic. Therefore, their perfect partner should share these qualities since Moon Sagittarians will never let their partner slow them down.
Open-minded and easy-going Moon Geminians and freedom-loving Moon Aquarians will get along well with adventurous Moon Sagittarians. Sensitive and caring Moon Cancerians forcing Sagittarius people to enjoy life in the slow lane will drive them mad! Stubborn and down-to-earth Moon Taureans are also far from being a good match for Moon Archers.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn

Strict Saturn ruling Moon Capricornians makes them always move forward and set their goals higher. Ambitious Capricornians would never settle for a person with no ambitions or passions. Serious and pragmatic Taureans can give Moon Capricornians a full backing and support when they need it most of all. Moon Virgo people are also a good match for Capricornians.
Moon Capricornians enjoying amenities of home life will build a strong family relationship with loving and caring Moon Cancerians. Moon Libra representatives that have a butterfly mind will never match Moon Capricornians’ train of thoughts.

Moon in Aquarius

Cool-minded Moon Aquarians are known for being too critiquing at times which is good, since they never make a decision before considering all pros and cons. On the other and, sometimes it results in that they think too much and do too little. Overly doubtful by nature, Moon Aquarians need someone who will encourage and motivate them.
You can hardly find a more courageous representative of the zodiac family who will give Moon Aquarians more support and motivation than confident Moon Lions. Stubborn Moon Taureans and active Moon Arians will hardly find common ground with Aquarians.

Moon in Pisces

Moon Piscarians are dreamy and gentle so they need someone who will reinforce their connection with real world and not let them get stuck in the world of their dreams. The ideal partner for Moon Pisces representatives should be confident, pragmatic and action-oriented. Also, Piscarians should avoid people unwilling to embrace changes in their life.
Moon Scorpio and Moon Virgo representatives can emotionally charge dreamy Piscarians and bring discipline in their life, therefore people born under these signs can make a good couple. Moon Sagittarius and Moon Libra people, on the other hand, are far from being a perfect match for Moon Piscarians.

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