Full Moon Horoscope

Have you ever heard that the full moon can influence our life just as the sign you belong to? Well, now you know it. To be exact, the full moon takes existing feelings, emotions, and vibes and makes them much brighter. What to expect of the full moon in your sign? Choose it to find out!
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What will the full moon in your sign bring you?


Full Moon in Aries

The next full moon will occur in Aries on September 25, bringing you a great energy boost. Besides, you’ll experience the need for action and will feel that you have some purpose that you should reach. As Aries natives are known as ambitious people, it’s not going to be a hard task to fulfill.
Be careful about unwanted risks and try to avoid them whenever possible. As you’ll be full of energy, you may lose some attention and be not so careful as you should. If you do, you can find yourself in a rather unpleasant or even dangerous situation. Watch out and think carefully before doing something really important.


The next full moon will occur in Taurus on October 24, releasing the most sensual side of your character. Use this time period to take a vacation, purchase something luxurious, or arrange an exceptional dinner for yourself and your closest people. Let your senses drive you this time!
However, you’ll have to stay in the right mind in order not to let yourself feel too comfortable. While enjoying all the human pleasures you may forget about things that are more important like your career or your romantic or family relationships. Try not to fall into a rut while making the most out of life!


The next full moon will occur in Gemini on November 23, and is going to turn you into a much more sociable person than you currently are. The full moon will encourage communication and boost your wit and logic, so get ready for a lot of action around this time period and enjoy it to the fullest.
The only thing that may prevent you from feeling happy and relaxed is the stress you may suffer from. If you see that you’re participating in too many projects, have lots of tasks, and give a lot of your personal time to everybody who asks for it, just stop right now. Don’t forget that you should live your life for yourself!


Full Moon in Cancer

The next full moon will occur in Cancer on December 22, helping Cancer’s homestay nature come to the forefront. It’s better not to leave your home on this day if you want to feel comfortable and avoid problems of all kinds. It’s the best time of the whole year to display your real nature!
As Cancers are known as highly sensitive people, the same character trait may be observed in other people while the full moon will be staying in Cancer. Unpredictable naughty moods can seize those around you, so you’ll have to invent some technique that will help you deal with people’s excessive emotional intensity.


The next full moon will occur in Leo on January 21; this day will be full of inspiration so use this opportunity to move on with your most ambitious projects! Don’t waste time on small talks and performing routine tasks. Instead, arrange a dinner party under the full moon and brainstorm your strategies.
However, be careful of the reverse of the coin, too. Leo is the sign that is known for its love for everybody’s attention and appreciation. It means that when the full moon is in this sign drama is somewhere close, too. Lunar love can rush to your head making you forget about other important things, so try not to let it happen to you.


The next full moon will occur in Virgo on February 19, and will become a great period for all types of cleaning, from physical to spiritual one. No matter what you will actually do – tidy your house or arrive at a decision to stop communicating with a toxic friend, your life will definitely move to a new level now.
Perfectionism may become your worst enemy. If you see that you’re getting stuck on the details, it means the time has come to make quicker decisions. Another important thing to remember is to never be afraid of delegating tasks that you can’t currently perform due to some reasons. It’s never too bad to ask for help!


Full Moon in Libra

The next full moon will occur in Libra on March 21. Libra natives are all about collaboration, help, and support which means that the full moon in the sign will bring along the perfect period for networking and even such important events as first dates. You’ll feel the chemistry of love everywhere!
On the other hand, you’d better be more careful than usual with those who don’t treat you in the right way preferring to pretend you don’t mean much to them. Libra reps can behave like people pleasers, and so can those born under other signs, but you have to learn to speak up for yourself.


The next full moon will occur in Scorpio on May 18, bringing along the time of intimacy to you and other people around. Your romantic relationship will become deeper and you’ll be encouraged to share secrets and try something new. The time can definitely be called the period of bonding and spiritual healing.
Be careful about the worst Scorpio features – fear and jealousy. People born under the sign are frequently afraid of opening up to others as they don’t want to be abandoned or betrayed. Relax a bit – it’s not going to happen all the time! If you manage to let these worries go you’ll have your relationship move on.


The next full moon will occur in Sagittarius on June 17, marking the period of spontaneity and adventure. It means that you’ll manage to get rid of your inhibitions, fears, and doubts and will finally decide to push your way out of your comfort zone. It may concern not only your personal relationship but your hobby, your domestic matters, and your career, too.
On the other hand, your carelessness may become quite a serious problem. Freedom is a good thing, of course, but it’s not a proper reason to forget about all your commitments. Try to be more careful about the smallest details and make sure you keep sticking to the things you’ve planned before.


Full Moon in Capricorn

The next full moon will occur in Capricorn on July 16, bringing the time of ambitions and effective work. The only thing you have to do is to choose the sphere you want to advance in and move on. Capricorns are known for their wish to work hard and strive for new goals that’s why the time will only bring this quality to the forefront.
The main problem Capricorns face is that they tend to forget about the balance between work and play. Don’t forget that having a rest and relaxing from time to time is as important as working and achieving new goals. The full moon is a great moment to recharge and restore your power, so do it!


The next full moon will occur in Aquarius on July 27, marking the time for changes, for something new and unexpected. The season favors the most adventurous things so you can either go backpacking or even travel to a distant and not-so-well-known place. Other ideas include visiting a modern art museum or even starting a new endeavor.
New plans and new heights are able to break the uniformity of your life, but there are still things to be careful of. Even if you’ve found a new passion don’t forget about your old dreams, plans, and ambitions. Keep it in mind that old friends and old wine are the best! Try to give equal attention to both old and new passions.


The next full moon will occur in Aquarius on August 26, and this time period is going to be extremely romantic. Everyone around you will be in a dreamy mood and it will bring about empathy, understanding, and in the end even happiness! Help the process go faster – light a couple of candles and invite your loved one to a special dinner!
On the other hand, Pisces people are known for their excessive romanticism which turns out to be not so good under all possible circumstances. Your vulnerability may increase and idealism may grab you leading to disappointments and even pain. If you feel you can’t control things it’s better just to let them go.

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